High-speed doors

Maviflex flexible high-speed doors are designed specifically for the industrial sector, where quick opening and closing is required in order to ensure thermal and/or acoustic insulation to specific areas.

Fully tailor-made high-quality solutions, Maviflex products adapt to each specific need and include the MAVIMAX® XXL external door, the MAVICLEAN® door for clean rooms and the MAVICOLD® door for the cold chain.

Maviflex also offers solutions for environments such as industrial and food processing plants with the MAVIPASS® external door and the MAVIROLL® internal doors, which are fully modular, or the MAVIONE® which is ideal for large-scale retailers.


  • Automatic opening/closing
  • Available fully tailor-made
  • Solutions for all types of activities
  • Ideal for isolating an area or building

External high-speed doors

Internal high-speed doors