ISO 50 001 certification

Posted on 5 January 2022

Certification ISO 50001-MAVIFLEXMaviflex maintains its ISO 50001 certification.

Thanks to a defined energy strategy, Maviflex is once again certified ISO 50001, an Energy Management certification. Maviflex continues to innovate in its processes and production to reduce its energy consumption. The energy management system requires, among other things, the definition of the Significant Energy Uses (which equipment consumes which energy and in which quantity?) as well as the action plan to reduce consumption. Maviflex controls and anticipates its energy consumption (electricity, gas, fuel).





The year 2022 is an opportunity to :

  • consolidate the system put in place, notably via more reliable and in-depth data.

The challenge of this ISO 50001 certification is to demonstrate the improvement of Maviflex’s energy performance. To do this, it is necessary to estimate future energy use and consumption. To then evaluate the energy and financial gains envisaged and then achieved.

  • to implement several actions within the framework of the project of extension of the factory 2.0.

The extension of the new factory is an opportunity to start on a new basis. In order to have a better follow-up of the consumptions and the gains brought, many sub-meters will be added by machine line. As for the offices and Hall B in general, a building management system (BMS) will be installed. This computer system allows the supervision and control of several pieces of equipment in a building (heating, lighting, shutters, etc.). By centrally controlling the technical equipment, the BMS provides greater comfort for the building’s occupants and allows for energy savings.

  • to continue the actions necessary to comply with the “tertiary sector decree”.

As a reminder, this decree obliges companies with buildings (with a surface area of more than 1,000 m²) for tertiary use and storage to reduce their energy consumption. The objective for 2030 is to reduce by 40%.