Maviflex joins the Coq Vert community

Posted on 23 March 2023

Communauté Coq Vert-MaviflexThis community is composed of managers acting in favor of the ecological and energy transition (TEE). Set up by Bpi France in partnership with ADEME and the Ministry of Ecological Transition, its objective is to encourage sharing between committed managers.

Why did Maviflex join the Coq Vert?

  • To continue the transition by being accompanied by a network of committed actors
  • To opt for an active community present throughout the territory
  • To question the environmental stakes and to deepen the knowledge
  • Valuing the company’s actions and inspiring other entrepreneurs
  • Exchange with specialists during webinars and dedicated events
  • Meet committed actors during local and national events
  • Find solutions to accelerate the energy and ecological transition

Maviflex is committed

By joining the Green Rooster community, Maviflex is committed to placing these following beliefs at the heart of its strategy:

  • Limiting climate disruption and restoring biodiversity in order to preserve ecosystem services
  • To make the ecological transition a necessity for the sustainability of the company and an opportunity to create value and jobs that require a change in the way
  • my company operates
  • To make known the new solutions and technological and organizational innovations at the service of the environmental and energy transition
  • Federate and mobilize local communities of entrepreneurs and thus trigger their commitment to the ecological transition
  • Engage in the ecological transition of my company by transforming the economic model in a way that is compatible with the objective of long-term carbon
  • neutrality
  • Implement a strategy that significantly contributes to the protection and preservation of biodiversity and ecosystems, the transition to a circular economy, adaptation to climate change, pollution prevention and sustainable use of natural resources