Maviflex launches the Decarbon’Action diagnostic

Posted on 5 April 2023

Diagnostic Décarbon'Action-MaviflexDecarbon’Action diagnostic

Maviflex launches a carbon assessment in partnership with BpiFrance in order to implement an action plan on its ecological transition.

What does the Decarbon’Action Diagnostic consist of?

BpiFrance, along with its partners ADEME and the Bilan Carbone Association, offers eligible companies to act in favor of the ecological transition by carrying out the Decarbon’Action Diagnostic. This diagnosis allows to measure the greenhouse gas emissions and to set up an action plan to reduce its emissions.

Scope of the analysis

The carbon assessment covers Scopes 1, 2 and 3, i.e. all the company’s direct and indirect activities over a full year:

Energy consumption of Maviflex buildings, internal freight


  • Commuting to and from work and visitor travel
  • Purchases of goods and services, subcontracting and inbound transportation
  • Depreciation (buildings, cars, computer equipment)


  • Business travel
  • Collection and treatment of waste products
  • Distribution of products to the customer, use of these products and their end-of-life treatment

The steps of this analysis

This process will take place over 12 days in 3 phases:
Phase 1: Measurement of direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions

  • Task 1: Measurement of direct emissions linked to the company’s production activity (combustion, industrial processes, etc.)
  • Task 2: Measurement of indirect emissions associated with the production of electricity or heat imported for the organization’s activities
  • Task 3: Measurement of other indirect emissions, linked to the company’s entire value chain (raw material purchases, waste management, etc.)

Phase 2: Co-construction of an emissions reduction action plan

  • Identification of measures to reduce GHG emissions
  • Deepening of the measures: resources, schedule, financing plan in workshops with the Management Committee
  • Validation with the Management Committee

Phase 3: Valuing the transition to action

Some examples of project deliverables:

  • Review of the company’s CSR strategy
  • Concrete commitments made and included in the company’s strategy for implementation
  • Toolbox for the manager to promote the commitments made to his customers, suppliers, partners and engage them in the approach

The launch of the Decarbon’Action Diagnostic is scheduled for April 12. Maviflex is working to improve the control of its carbon footprint, reduce energy consumption, reduce dependence on fossil fuels and raise the awareness of its employees so that they become full-fledged actors.