Stacking doors

Flexible high-speed folding doors dedicated to outdoor environments

  • Configuration as external door
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Protection against air and dust
  • Patented TRAFICONTROL® system: flexible guides for increased impact resistance


Customise your curtain





MAVIPASS® ensures the thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings and also protects against dust.
The patented TRAFICONTROL® system (flexible guides) prevents damage due to possible impacts and stoppages.
The customisable safety options mean that the door can adapt perfectly to all environments.

  • Wind resistance up to class 4
  • Opening speed 1M/second
  • Stacking system: SecuriSANGLE pull straps and safety straps
  • Remote cabinet: IP65 remote ABS cabinet and installation on the inside
  • Large size: useful passage up to 6 meters
  • Integrated cabinet : MAVIFLEX electronic board with LCD display and LED control and a cycle counter
  • Flexible slides TrafiCONTROL : Black strap tightened by Hexagon tension, bring a comfort of use with a silent system, airtightness, allows the ejection of the apron in case of shock, avoid the deterioration of the uprights, avoid the stop of the process
  • Optional triple insulated door leaf: thermal and sound insulation
  • Safety a la carte :
    • Light curtain (2500mm high) located in the slides
    • Sensitive profile: double security, instantaneous lifting of the door in case of obstacle, 2 transmitting-receiving cells located on each side of the uprights

Also available in ATEX version



A fast flexible stacking door adapted to your needs:


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