Awareness session on disability

Posted on 22 November 2021

Handicap-MAVIFLEXAwareness session on disability at Maviflex.

An awareness session was organized on Friday, November 19, 2021 concerning people with disabilities. Maviflex thanks the OVE Foundation as well as Léa, trainee in the marketing department, for helping Maviflex in the animation of this session. The whole morning was organized in order to allow the employees and the speakers to exchange together.






Is it possible that one or more people are disabled without the others knowing it?

Yes, many disabilities are invisible but nevertheless present. This may be because the problems and difficulties associated with the disability are not perceptible to others. It is also common for people with disabilities to hide their difficulties. For example, these people implement conscious or unconscious compensation strategies. However, these strategies are very energy consuming. They may negatively affect their relationship with others and their performance in the short or long term. For this reason, people with disabilities are generally on part-time contracts. This contract allows them to rest following this compensation strategy.

What is the definition of invisible disability?

The invisible disability is not apparent. In concrete terms, this means that a person may encounter difficulties without those around him or her, and sometimes even the person him or herself, being able to easily make the connection with a disability situation. More or less difficult to detect, the invisible disability finally allows the person concerned not to reveal his or her disability. However, if the person decides to reveal it, those around him/her may doubt its existence and stigmatize the person who has made the admission. Moreover, if a person with a disability is recognized as a disabled worker by his or her company, the latter must provide all the necessary assistance to enable the person to work under good conditions.

What is autism?

Autism is a developmental disorder that affects brain function. For example, some people with autism have great difficulty performing everyday tasks. Some autistic people suffer from sensory hypersensitivity, sounds that are harmless for a non-autistic person can be a real ordeal for an autistic person.