Maviflex, partner of La Fresque des métiers d’avenir

Posted on 22 February 2024

la Fresque des métiers d'avenir - CitéCréationMaviflex, partner of La Fresque des métiers d’avenir

What is the UIMM?

The Union des industries et métiers de la métallurgie (UIMM) is a professional organisation that has represented French industrial companies since 1901.

The IUMM’s main function is to serve local companies by defending their interests in negotiations and dialogue with public authorities, trade union representatives and employers’ organisations.



Its missions are manifold:

  • To promote the activities of French industrial companies
  • Represent companies in the sector and defend their rights and interests in dealings with the social partners
  • Bringing together industrial companies to increase regional exchanges and collaboration
  • Train today’s and tomorrow’s professionals in industrial trades to develop and sustain the business.

150 years of UIMM Lyon-France :

UIMM Lyon-France represents 1,950 industrial companies in the Rhône region, employing 47,000 people.

To mark its 150th anniversary, Lyon-based collective CitéCréation has produced La Fresque des métiers d’avenir. Inaugurated on 10 October 2023, it immortalises our region’s rich industrial heritage. As a key player in mural art, CitéCréation has succeeded in highlighting Lyon’s industry, with its high level of expertise and unique style.

Fresque des métiers d'avenir - CitéCréation

Fresque des métiers d’avenir – CitéCréation


Partners of the Fresque des métiers d’avenir by the CitéCréation collective :

As a patron of the arts, our company wants to give greater visibility to the dynamic world of industry in which we operate, and to help all those who want to find their way into the professions in the sector. We are proud to have contributed to this work, which highlights the professions of the past, present and future. It represents the history of the industry, driven by passion, solidarity, innovation, technological change and aspirations for a sustainable future. Our support, along with that of 45 other sponsors, embodies our shared commitment to the industry of the future.

Finally, we would like to congratulate the apprentices, trainers, employees and passionate industrialists without whom this incredible collaboration would not have been possible. La Fresque des métiers d’avenir gives us the opportunity to share our region’s industrial heritage with creativity.